Download LTSP

You do not need to download anything from this website if you want to use LTSP.

LTSP is directly integrated into various Linux distributions. You can use the package manager of your favorite Linux flavor to download LTSP. The Linux terminal server software is available in the distributions below.

If you are not yet running Linux, download and install one of these fine distributions on a server to get started with LTSP.

If you are already running one of these distributions, continue with the installation guide below.

Installation Guide

For instructions on installing LTSP with the above distros, see the Installation Guide on the LTSPedia.

Source code

Very experienced users may wish to package LTSP themselves for a distribution not listed above. You can find the LTSP source code on Launchpad and packaging instructions on the LTSPedia.

Older versions

Looking for LTSP 4.2 and older? Download it here. Be aware these versions are old, unmaintained and unsupported.


LTSP usage by distribution

Statistics automatically generated from LTSP success stories