Karatoula Ilias Primary School, Greece is using LTSP!

This LTSP implementation was done by Papandreou Christos.
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This story was last updated on 3 March 2013


Secure connection, helpful people and technical support, variety of school software.

LTSP Benefits?

Friendly environment, security, supportive helpdesk.

User Response to LTSP?

Good, a few problems with VGA cards or windows compatibility, due to users' lack of experience or technical knowledge.

Thin Clients, Local Apps, Fat Clients?

6 thin clients. Intel Pentium R, 1.7 to 1.8Ghz, Ram memory (684 MB to 1,2Gb). 4 65x/M650/740 PCI AGP VGA display adapters [6325]. 1 NV-17 G-Force, MX-440 1 TNT2 Riva, Model 64. 1Fat Client:Mobile AMD Sempron, 3800+, 1Gb Ram, VGA card: RS690M (Radeon)x1200 [791f]

Hardware for LTSP?

Server: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2Ghz, Ram memory: 3Gb, TP-Link gigabit PCI ethernet card, ZYXEL GS-108B 8 PORT DESKTOP ETHERNET SWITCH (unmanaged), Cisco Router 800 series. Internet provider: Greek School Network, 2Mbps.

How do you Manage Users?

Epoptes software (sch-scripts).

How do you Manage File Storage?

Common folders.

What is Unique About Your Setup?

Very good technical support by ts.sch.gr experts!!!

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Greece, Karatoula Ilias Primary School

Running LTSP since: 2013
Linux distribution: Ubuntu
LTSP version: LTSP 5.4
Using LTSP localapps: no
Using LTSP-PNP: yes
Servers: 1
Clients: 7 (thin: 6, fat: 1)
Network speed: mixed
Extra information:
Ltsp version 12.04// 6 thin clients and 1 fat client.